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Roxanne Selleck is a 
artist currently based in Montreal who is presently playing with hair, photography, music, and the imaginary. She is aspiring to transmit her asymmetrical and dystopian vision of the world throughout her different colourful skills and art directing. Militating and preaching for the underdogs is a mission dearest to her heart since childhood.


Roxanne Selleck est une artiste multidisciplinaire actuellement basee a Montreal qui joue presentement   avec les cheveux, la photographie,  la musique et l'imaginaire. Elle aspire a transmettre sa vision asymetrique et dystopique du monde a travers ses differentes competences colorees et sa direction artistique. Militer et precher pour les outsiders est une mission qui lui tient a coeur depuis son enfance.

??????? I am a walking question mark and I have the freedom to question because I was born free. What our freedom becomes after birth is another story.


 Society raises us from early childhood to be fault-finders sheep, making us think we are helping people and the world with our so-called     constructive criticism, which seems so absurd to me. Wouldn’t this be keeping us attached to the illusion of being separated, splitting us into categories and keeping us stuck in a limited state of mind that blocks us out from actually experiencing true Love and true Freedom


I am allowed to change my mind and opinion about multiple things, I am allowed to make mistakes because I am human and humans should be allowed to be more fluid. I won’t allow you to label me as anything because I am in constant motion with my e-motions - energy in motion.


I feel we have gone as far as we could get in our selfish/separatist ways of living ego driven/self-centered lives. As everyone is forced to see right now, we are consciously and unconsciously destroying our planet as well as our quality of life. I think what we are going through worldwide as a society is pushing our true nature into rising, calling us now and asking us to wake up and take responsibility for becoming healthy and whole human beings. I sense it might be time for us to evolve into our next and greater identity now??? To become conscious of our unconsciousness. 


I want to be constantly evolving and I will. You can too if you choose to. I wish we would start to collectively base our decisions and reactions out on Love, not fear??????? I am not perfect and so isn’t anyone, nor I’m I trying to  transmit a message about the idea of becoming perfect. Actually I am just very much obsessed with becoming more alive, more happy and more intelligent everyday. 


I am grateful for anyone who got me questioning myself.

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